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Electromagnetic ultrasonic double wave bolt stress meter

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Electromagnetic ultrasonic double wave bolt stress meter

(Model: ST100)

Electromagnetic ultrasonic double-wave bolt stress meter ST100 adopts electromagnetic ultrasonic double-wave in-situ axial force detection technology, which can measure high-strength bolts in service without knowing the original state of each bolt. When measuring, there is no need to apply couplant on the bolts, and no need to polish the surface. You can directly measure bolts with raised text on the bolt head, small diameter studs, bolts with hexagon sockets, and bolts with concave surfaces. It is widely used in the acceptance of pre-tightening force of bolts of large-scale equipment under construction, handling of bolt failure problems of large-scale equipment in service, auxiliary verification of bolt construction technology, and bolt axial force inspection of large-scale equipment in service.

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<<< product description◎ The world's first electromagnetic ultrasonic vertical and horizontal wave double-wave tension testing equipment (patent number ZL201810893704.4);
◎ Without disassembly in situ, there is no need to grind the surface of the workpiece, realizing rapid detection of high-strength bolt axial force;
◎ Portable design, lithium battery power supply, battery can be replaced; 5-inch high-brightness display, convenient keys, and realize one-handed operation;
◎ The equipment is optimized for on-site design, realizing automatic wave selection, automatic output and one-key storage, etc. The measurement time of a single bolt is less than 10 seconds;
◎ Integrated design helps field testers get rid of traditional heavy equipment boxes and mobile computers, easily enter and exit small places such as wind turbine hubs, and quickly complete test tasks;
◎ The stored data can be imported into the computer, and can communicate with the mobile terminal of the mobile phone via Bluetooth, upload the data to our bolt cloud or download the relevant configuration and data from our bolt cloud;
◎ Powerful bolt cloud database support equipment application;
* The flatness of both ends is required to be better than 0.1mm, and the angle between the two ends and the horizontal plane does not exceed 0.15R/L radian, where R is the bolt radius, L is the bolt length, and the anti-corrosion paint thickness does not exceed 0.3mm.
Remarks: The detection accuracy mainly depends on the bolt calibration parameters entered by the user. In addition, a charging service for specific bolt axial force parameter tension machine calibration or a bolt cloud database experience parameter charging service is provided.

<<< Technical Parameters

name parameter
Scope of application M20-M64, length 130mm~800mm
Repeat detection accuracy* ±1% national standard GB/T19568 preload
Detection speed <15 S/PCS
Sensitivity 1ns
Ultrasound frequency 3MHz~5MHz
Adjustable gain 0~100dB
Test mode Automatic mode
Bolt cloud database interface stand by
Test result storage stand by
Computer communication stand by
Probe type Electromagnetic ultrasonic dual-wave transducer
Display screen 5 inch
Power supply Lithium-ion battery module (replaceable)
Battery working time About 8 hours
size About 260mm×170mm×50mm
weight About 1.2kg

<<< Application field

◎ Wind power industry, such as the axial force detection of tower bolts and blade bolts;
◎ Bridge industry, such as the detection of the axial force of the connecting bolts on the bridge;
◎ Tower industry, such as the testing of the axial force of the connecting bolts of communication base stations;
◎ In the aviation industry, the material structure and residual stress detection of high-strength aluminum alloys;
◎ Railway industry, such as axle force detection of track bolts;
◎ Used for high-strength bolt fastening system testing and formulating high-strength bolt assembly processes, providing full guarantee for the development and design of high-strength bolt products;
◎ In the automotive industry, it is used for axial force detection of engine bolts;


<<< Inspection site

Suzhou Phaserise Technology CO,LTD

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